The future of ob-gyn examinations is here.
LadySense has developed a unique technology capable of performing a comprehensive virtual gynecological examination. 

The LadySense solution is the first of its kind and enables all women, regardless of their geographical location, to undergo a thorough gynecological examination at their local walk-in-clinic.  The results are remotely examined by a gynecologist who can provide a precise diagnosis.   All the data is digitized, allowing physicians to easily  store the information and optimally record the medical history of each patient.


The company’s vision  is to significantly improve the standard of care of women’s health. Its solution revolutionizes the way in which women’s services can be provided, enabling easily accessible and cost-effective gynecological examinations. 


The LadySense Advantage

High Availability 

Examinations performed at local clinics, allowing easy access for all women

Increases availability of emergency checkups

Digital Healthcare

Digitization of data for easy transfer/storage of information
Comprehensive documentation of patient history for follow-up
Big data for trend analysis

Remote Services

Co. & HMOs can increase number of customers and revenues.

Diseases are early detected, reduce treatment costs

Improved Care

Digitization of data for easy

Transfer/storage of information

Comprehensive documentation of patient history for follow-up

Big data for trend analysis

Reduced Costs

Examination performed by a trained healthcare provider vs. a gynecologist
Gynecologist’s time is focused on analyzing results.

Increased Patient Compliance

One probe provides all necessary information
Women receive reminders to schedule checkups

Gender preference - women prefer to be examined by a female healthcare provider

challenges facing OB-GYN Care


60% of women neglect periodic OB-GYN examinations


> 50% of countries in the USA lack an OB-GYN 


In the USA, there are only 11 gynecologsts for every 100K women​​

One of the primary challenges facing OB-GYN care is the fact that most women do not go to annual checkups.  As a result, many gynecological problems, including cancer, are not detected at their earliest stages, which harms women’s health and might lead to mortality. Recent research has found that the trend of women missing their annual examination has increased over the past several years. 


Shortage of gynecologists is another global problem which impacts women’s health. The shortage is pronounced in many western countries including the U.S, U.K. and Japan. In the U.S. there are only 11 gynecologists per 100,000 women and this shortage has resulted in higher treatment costs, longer patient waits for appointments and lack of gynecologists in rural areas.

The LadySense solution can transform this reality, and make gynecological examinations available, accessible and cost-effective.


our Team

Boris Zhevelev, PhD


Dr. Zhevelev has 40 years of experience in developing innovative products.  He is the owner of dozens of patents, monographies and technical articles.

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Alina Brenner, MD


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Dr. Brenner has over 20 years of experience in the medical field. She is an expert in
Obstetrics, Gynecology and Ultrasound. She is a senior lecturer at the Tel-Aviv University
School of Medicine, a senior physician in the Sheba Medical Center.

Alex Baber

CTO, Founder

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Mr. Baber is an engineer with 40 years of experience in developing advanced electronic systems, including Radio-freqnecy, Ultrasound and Microwave. 

Osnat Eytan, PhD


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Dr. Eytan is an entrepreneur and has led diverse technological projects. She has held various
roles in medical startups, and has over 15 years of biomedical engineering research in OB-GYN.


Prof. Bari Kaplan, M.D.

Chairman of Advisory


Prof. Kaplan  director of postpartum dept. Maynei Hayeshua Medical Center & District Director of Ob&Gyn division in Kupat-Holim. He founded the Israel Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the community and is the president of the Israel Menopausal Society.

Prof. Jacob Levron, M.D

ObGyn Expert

Prof. Levron  is a pioneer & Innovator in IVF field. He is a senior lecturer at the Tel-Aviv University School of Medicine and a senior physician in the Sheba Medical Center.

Laurence F. Mack, M.D.

Dr. Mack is in private practice in New York. He held various roles as Chairperson Department, Associate Director Department of Ob/Gyn and Director Ob/Gyn Quality Assurance. His areas of specialty care are in infertility and pap smear abnormalities.



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